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Photo Guidelines

A picture of your munchkin using the mat with your honest opinion/review of our placemats focusing on your favorite things about it - commenting on features that you think your followers will be interested in hearing (e.g. them being dishwasher safe, non-toxic, kids love them, not compromising on your home decor with your kids stuff etc) + the inclusion of your custom discount code.

Photo Guidelines: 
- Tags: @itsbambamboom and #BamBamMat

Your munchkin's face/body showing ideally in a happy mood! Either eating, snacking or doing crafts on the mat.
- Ideally not looking at the camera, but its ok if they do in one.
- Lighter colors are 👍
- Avoid having princess/transformer type of products arounds (bulky water bottles etc)... we 🖤 minimal styles and want your baby and the mat be the stars.

Also it would be INVALUABLE if you could share with us 2+ extra pics (that don't need to be posted on your profile) of your munchkin using the mat either eating/snacking or using it for crafts, so that we can feature you more than once! Ideally with a different outfit.

About the product and company: 
Smart + adorable silicone placemats for kids!

-BPA Free
-Dishwasher safe
-Ethically made
-For each mat we sell, we donate 5 meals to kids in need
(and also created with soooo much love in Los Angeles!!!)

● Use the coupon code provided in your post (we will provide this once you accept to participate!)
● Leave the post in your feed without deleting for 3 months
● Talk in an honest and open way. 

● Post over the post for 1 hour +
● Feature any competing brands in the post
● Tag any brands other than BamBamBoom in the post