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Join our Launch Campaign!

If you got to this page it means you are one of the few moms or dads that we would love to partner with! Below are the terms mentioned on the email, but here you can review them if you need a bit of refresh :) Please fill out your address details so we can send you the mat asap!

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Terms of the campaign:

What we are offering:
1. Product in exchange for content (min 1 regular post + 1 story).  In return, we will send you the mat of your (your kid's) choosing, any color/design 
2. We're going to provide you with a custom discount code to give your followers 20​% off at our store

About the product and company: 
Smart + adorable silicone placemats for kids!
They are:
-BPA Free
-Dishwasher safe
-Ethically made
-For each mat we sell, we donate 5 meals to kids in need
(and also created with soooo much love in Los Angeles!!!)

What we want in a post? A picture of your munchkin using the mat with your honest opinion/review of our placemats focusing on your favorite things about it - commenting on features that you think your followers will be interested in hearing (e.g. them being dishwasher safe, non-toxic, kids love them, not compromising on your home decor with your kids stuff etc) + the inclusion of your custom discount code.

Also please share with us 2 extra pics (that don't need to be posted on your profile) of your munchkin using the mat either eating/snacking or using it for crafts, so that we can feature you more than once!

- Required Tags: @itsbambamboom and #BamBamMat
- Photo standards: The one you use organically on your feed (that's also part of why we chose you 
😉). Your munchkin's face/body showing ideally in a happy mood! Either eating, snacking or doing crafts on the mat. Ideally not looking at the camera, but its ok if they do in one.

● Use the coupon code provided in your post (we will provide this once you accept to participate!)
● Leave the post in your feed without deleting for 3 months
● Talk in an honest and open way. 

● Post over the post for 1 hour +
● Feature any competing brands in the post
● Tag any brands other than BamBamBoom in the post

If this all sounds good to you, then please fill out the form above and we will send you the  mat asap! 


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