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About us

Our Manifesto

BamBamBoom was born out of a deep desire to create beautiful, functional and responsible objects for humankind’s favorite activity: dining.

Our inspiration lies in finding the outmost simplicity of shapes.  A love affair between opposing forces: Nordic style meets Bauhaus, meets kawaii, meets a loud and bold Caribbean soul.

Our first collection, BamBamMats, aims to reinterpret an often underestimated element on a meal setting: the placemat.

We do not believe in compromise for home decor. Though our products are inspired by children, they are definitely not exclusively designed for them. Adults love them as much and it’s an honor for us to be at anyone’s table.   

At BamBamBoom we have strong believes and will stand up for them. We champion diversity, inclusivity, and gender equality. 

Oh, we also believe in magic ⚡️


Veronica Aguirrebeitia


Once upon a time, Veronica was shopping for her nieces and nephew and she had a big ah-ha moment (for an aunt at least): the majority of children’s products look like pets’ products, or they simply look cheap.

Connecting that frustrating emotion with her inner kid and her (soon-to-be-discovered) designer self, sparks flew, lady gaga sang on the background, and long story short…she decided she wanted to take matters into her own hands and started her work on BamBamBoom, creating minimalist products for contemporary homes. And for humans. Not to be mistaken for pets’ products.

Her mission is to create ethically sourced, safe and beautiful products that inspire a sense of wonder. In the pursuit of her dreams she has found that beauty and functionality are not mutually exclusive concepts, and that hard work and happiness aren’t either.   

Veronica loves meeting strangers and her last meal wish would include rhubarb crumble pie from IKEA. Feel free to reach out to her to say hi, ask questions, or discuss how to spread the word about IKEA’s rhubarb crumble so that they never, ever, take it out.

The end beginning…